Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Certain Parents:
I know we all need a break at times and want to sit back and relax and chillax with friends but please keep in mind that you are still a parent with responsibilities like oh I don't know like watching your kids!  It's one thing to let them roam and play while you sit back and keep an eye on them and enjoy adult conversation.  It's a whole other story when you have no idea where they are and not even attempting to look for them, mean while other moms are having to step in and be a parent and tell them things like please don't knock over tables and chairs, please don't take items off my vendor table and run off, please don't ride your mud covered bike and scooter into the middle of the vendor booth area knocking little children down and please don't start fights with other kids you're playing with.  I do not show up to work an event and man my booth all to also look after your kids.  I'm going to be putting a sign in my booth from now on that states all unattended children will be put to work in my shop. :)

Dear Prince of random African Country:
Please stop sending me spam and congratulating me on winning millions and just needing me to claim it.  I am so curious to see if there really is anyone that falls for these scams and I guess there are since you keep trying them on me but I assure you that I am no sucker or fool, well at least not yours.  In the words of President Bush, Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame.... sham.... sh.... Well you're not gonna fool me again.  Yes people, he said that!  Awesome.

Dear Office Deli:
You suck big time!  The few times that I forget my lunch or don't feel like getting out I think to myself well I'll just go down stairs and maybe you've changed or gotten better only to be disappointed time after time!  Is it really that hard to make a sandwich all the way?  You either forget the cheese or the lettuce or even the meat!?  WTH!  Seriously people, get with it oh and could you maybe add some better options besides candy and chips?  Some of us do care about what we eat!

Dear Self:
Building deli sucks, stop going down there thinking it will change.  It's been 4 years, it's not changing and you are a sucker to keep falling for it.  See I told you I may be a sucker but I'm not Prince Naynayla's sucker!

Dear Readers: 
You don't suck, you rock, what are you're Dear So and So's for the week? 
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