Monday, October 12, 2009

Cheap and Fun Halloween Decorations

I have seen in stores, magazines, articles, and blogs some wonderful and fun Halloween decorations and crafts. One that I really like is the Halloween trees. I've seen many variations of these and decided to make myself one. I had all of the supplies so this cost me nothing, Yay!

I found a dead limb in the yard and spray painted it black, took a red pot and spray painted it black. Grabbed some of the hubby's golf balls (the plastic ones) umm, don't tell him ok :), and one of his old white t-shirts and some white ribbon. I cut up the t-shirt in squares, hung it over the golf balls and tied with the ribbon to look like ghosts. I then drew faces with a marker and hung on my tree. I used foam and orange tissue paper to put the tree limb in. I'm thinking of getting some small pumpkins to hang on it as well to add some more color but I think it is cute and it was fun and free!

I've also put together a little spider wall project and please forgive me but I've searched all over and can not find where I got this so if you know tell me and I'll link back to it, but basically took sticks from the yard, spay painted them black and hot glued them together and then hung spiders on it. Yep, all free.

So this weekend was fun putting together some decorations, still have some more to do but just ran out of time.

Hope you enjoy putting together your own decorations.

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