Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween Jordyn

At the very last minute and after talking to my SIL, I decided my niece Jordyn needed me to make her a Halloween costume that she could wear to her dance class this week since her real costume isn't the dance around in type. Yes this was on Friday and yes her class is on Wed and yes they live in OH which means I have to basically over night it but hey, an Aunt has to do what an Aunt has to do and this Aunt decided she needed to be the cutest little lady bug on the planet!!

She will wear a black leotard so I think this will go perfectly with that and it fits perfectly in with a dance class. HELLOOOOOOO what ballerina doesn't wear a tutu?

She gets a custom red tutu with a black back and red bow with of course ladybug spots all over it. And what ladybug princess/ballerina doesn't have a ladybug wand? I don't know either so of course she has her very own do dance around with. And ladybug hair bows to match. I was going to make them with antennas but decided against that so she can wear them again with red and black clothing.

I had a lot of fun making her costume, hope Monkey's comes out as cute and hope my precious niece Jordyn enjoys it and knows her Aunt Shayna loves her. (Even more than her Aunt Janelle. ) Just kidding Janelle. :)

Now I'm off to get this adorable bug in the mail.
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