Monday, October 19, 2009

A Dresser Redo

I am enjoying participating in the weekely blog parties.  My favorites are the before and afters, transformations, and DIY projects and crafts.  It's so amazing to see what some very talented folks can do with road side trash and how inspiring they can be for others to give it a whirl. 

A few years ago we moved from a place that was fully furnished for us to an empty apartment.  A new area, new home, new jobs, meant no $ to furnish or decorate lavishly so I took a garage sale find that was pretty cheap looking and quite frankly had no personality and worked her over until she earned a spot of her very own in my guest room. 
She started out looking like this, blah yellow tv stand/dresser.  The drawers are missing as I used them for something else which I'll show you in a sec.

I found another pic of one just like it online that someone painted just to show what she looks like with the drawers.
Still not my style but anything is better than that dull awful yellow look.

So after sanding and sanding and sanding and did I mention sanding? And then priming and painting she's now not so dull looking. 
The door had way too many shelves that didn't leave room to hold anything in between so I took 2 out and sanded and primed and painted black and then painted a design on them with my stencils, added brackets and hung on the wall.

I saw in a magazine where a decorator used old drawers as shadow boxes and hung on the wall and so I did my own version of that, I sanded again, primed and paitned the drawers, added brackets and hung on the living room walls and they've been a few different colors now but right now they are a dark green, but very soon they are getting redone to a brick red.

That's my little transformation for the day but I've got lots more to do and show so come back and see me.

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