Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you want $15 Now?

Eversave has a great deal and I'm excited to offer that deal to you.  Eversave will give you a $15 credit for signing up as an affiliate to Share the Save.
You do not want to miss out on this! This is an incredible program with great deals for you and your readers both. You can Share each "Today's Save" on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, wherever you want and get commission.

And through Jan 31st anyone that decides to enjoy the wonderful Eversave affiliate program gains $15 to spend on any of their awesome deals!  SWEET!!!

What is Eversave?

Only the coolest money saving site ever! They offer 50% or more deals that you and your readers will find fun and practical.  What's even cooler than saving money is making money, am I right?! With this program you can be as involved as you want to be.
Each day you are sent their daily offers with html codes that you can then share with whoever you want.  Your tracking account is built into the coding so no need to do any work besides copy and paste!  My kind of job!  Like this one for today.

$25 for $50 worth of custom wine gifts and accessories from
Offer expires: 11:59 PM - Jan 17, 2011

When someone clicks on your link and takes advantage of that days awesome deal then you make 8%.

Also, there is a banner you can place on your website that will gain you $1.50 if someone clicks on it and then enters their email. Mine is coming soon and I plan on posting it in my sidebar.
Want even more? BreeBees also have an incentive….if you sign on then you are entered to win cash!!! She gave away $100 to December’s sign-ons.  So no telling how much she will give away now that there's a free $15 in it for you!

Ready to sign up?  Come on, it's free, it's paying you right off the bat, literally, you're entered to win $, and you'll be doing your readers a service by providing them awesome deals.
So, leave me your email and info in a comment or email me at, I’ll send the info to sign on and start making money and be entered to win even more! 

This ends 1/31 and drawing will be held on 2/15. Open to anyone the is approved into the Affiliate program. Money Paid via paypal.

Happy Friday Ya'll
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