Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear So and So

Wow it's been months since my last "Dear So and So", you would think with that much time gone by I'd have pages filled up with stuff I'd like to say but never got to say, but nope, it seems lately I've been saying what I wanted to, and well that could end up in a completely different meme all on it's own uh?  But I do have some for you, so without further ado, here's our little therapy session, say what you wanted if you didn't have the chance.

Dear Sun,
I miss you, where have you been?  I know technically it's winter but come on this is Texas, we've already had a few snow days, our 2 weeks of cold weather, and dreary dark days, it's time to move on to Spring.  So please sun, come back and grace my pale face with your brightness!
Thin Blooded Me


Dear 5:30 AM
You are the devil!  I loath you and get so tired of you telling me EVERY day about your arrival.  You can suck it!
One Tired Momma


Dear iPhone Alarm Clock
No wait you are the devil!  You are so about to hit a wall.   Either you have hiccups and don't go off and wake me up at 5:30 thus making me late or you go off at 5:30 and then continue to do so every 9 minutes.  Really, who thought 9 minutes was a good snoozing time anyways, why can't I get that full 10?  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently so.  Regardless of how much I despise you and your little beeping I will keep you around because most days you are loyal and keep me going.  If it makes you feel any better I loath 5:30 more than you.
Hitting snooze one more time, Me.


Dear Day Job,
Seriously, could you please get the memo that MLK is a NATIONAL holiday and give your overworked, tired, moody, and loyal employees the day off?  So got tired of reading everyone's facebook status that they were having a fun day off while I was slaving away at work.  Ok if I'm on facebook reading status updates while at work maybe I'm not that overworked, but still, come on!
Thinking Memorial Day is a really long way off for our next Holiday, Me.


Dear Taxes,
Please be good to Momma this year, she is NEEDING some shoes that rock!  Ok not needing but really really really wanting some. 
I love shoes that Rock, Me


Dear Poppa,
Please don't freak out if I come home with boxes and boxes of shoes.  Remember they make momma happy and when momma is happy she is eager to make you happy!  :)  Get your minds out of the gutter people I mean I'll let him buy video games. (Or do I? lol)
Your Shoe Lovin Wifey


Dear Cleaning Fairy
You totally suck right now!  For realz, skipping my house 3 weeks in a row now is just plain unacceptable.  I can no longer count on you and therefore must let you go.  It saddens me to do this as I know you rely on my weekly dust bunnies to feed your children but you've just gone too far this time.  I am forced to employ your distant cousin, The Cleaning Giant.
Fed Up with You! Me


Dear Me,
Please for the love of all things holy and good, put down the Diet Dr Pepper.  You can do this!  I know how awesome DDP is and how sweet it is and how that first taste on the lips can just send you into a state of euphoria.... HMMMM Diet Dr Pepper, must go get some now! 
Falling off the wagon every day, cause I can't quit you, Me.


Dear Readers,
Sorry I've been such a slacker blogger lately, I promise to get better.  I've been thinking about some things, some changes, taking on different and new roles at each of my jobs but I haven't forgotten about how you totally rock and will make it up to you with making you laugh, sharing some ideas, and maybe a cool giveaway or two coming up!  Thanks for sticking it out with me.
A Big ole slacker that is thankful for you, Me.

Happy Tuesday Ya'll.
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