Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All About You Features

I'm having so much fun on Mondays going through all of your link up projects and posts that are about you!  There are so many talented people in this blogging world and it's so amazing to me that so many of you share your secrets and talents with the rest of us! 
The link up is still open so go add yours and check out all the others there.  Here's a few I wanted to show off from this week. 

Halloween season is upon us and will be gone before we know it and if you're anything like me then you love unique and cleaver decoration pieces that will be conversation starters.  Greenbean's Crafterole has just that over at her blog.  This soap hand is unique, cleaver, and will for sure get your guests talking about it.  I love it and she explains in detail how to make your own.

And since Halloween season is here then you know what's right around the corner right?!  Yep better start you crafting/shopping now for those gifts you want to give.  Living For Him makes these beautiful canvases for wedding/anniversary gifts for her friends but I'm thinking these would also make great Christmas gifts. 

Just Another Day In Paradise is making her son a Buzz Lightyear costume and she's started witht the gloves and showing us all exactly how to make some of our own.  If you don't know what your Monkey's going to be for Halloween then this could be your answer.  (BTW I still don't have Monkey's costume figured out for this year, any ideas?)

Sewing is not something I'm good at but it is something I'm wanting to get better at but until then I am bookmarking those who share with us detailed sewing tuturials like this adorable Apron over at Purple Chocolate Home man she is talented, that is too cute!  I want one for every season and holiday.

Stuff by Ash has shared with us a great gift giving idea for those you love for Halloween.  I'd love to get something like this, the time and effort and thought she put into her Mummy Candy Jar just screams I love you!
I am seeing so many candy corn decorating ideas and there are so many I want to do but of course I haven't.  I even have some supplies picked up to do some and there they sit still in the sack in my To Do closet.  Oh well until then I can drool over the fun ideas you are coming up with or recreating like Southern Girl Creations' Candy Jar that she saw A Pumpkin and A Princess do.  And how sweet is she, she's taking it to her hair salon to give as a gift.  I need to be sweeter like that to those I appreciate. 

If I featured you, go grab a button. 

I'll be leaving for Vegas on Thursday but have some posts scheduled out but not everyday so enjoy your week and I can't wait to share all about my trip with Macaroni Kid Mom Meetup! 

Happy Tuesday Ya'll.
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