Monday, December 7, 2009

TWOC - Parties

 We have a few parties each year we go to, company parties, family parties, and a friend or 2 that does annual parties.  It's my "dream" and goal to start hosting my own annual party but at the moment we live an hour from everyone we know so it's just not feasible.  Hopefully next year I'll be able to start this tradition when we move closer to town and when I do start I want to do an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.   Have you ever been to one?  I haven't but they look so fun.  I found this one at a fun blog so you can check it out for all the details. Ugly Sweater Christmas Party I would search high and low to find the most gaudy, loud, awful ugly sweater ever and wear it with pride.  Thankfully I probably wouldn't have to search too hard, I am in TX and women here seem to love those ugly Christmas Sweaters. :)  I found a few for your enjoyment.

What do you do for Holiday parties?
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