Monday, December 7, 2009

A Great Success

Well we had the Craft Show this past weekend, it was the first for Texas Monkey Boutique and I think it was a huge success.  My cousin Crala and Jason and I went in together and had a blast.  They have a T-Shirt buisness called Trendsetter Graphics and do the cutest bling stuff.  Anyways wanted to post some pics of our set up and thank all that came out to support us.  I can't wait to do another one!!

We had many vendors with so many different shopping options, all local business owners and friends.  I of course kept buying stuff with the money I was making but that's just part of the fun uh?  I got lots of repeat customers, some custom orders, and made lots of new friends.  I nearly sold out of my hats and necklaces and small bows so need to restock that but hey I'm quite ok with that.  Looking to do one in the Spring so if you know of any coming up in the DFW area please let me know. 

This is the set up with back middle and right side.

This is Back Middle and Left side, you can see the picture frames and home made note cards on the table.

This is the Right Side with hats, necklaces and binky holders

Blackcat Bling Onesie and Tutu with Matching bow and bowband

Groesbeck Bling Onesie and Tutu with Match Bow Set

Santa Princess Set

Santa Baby Tutu Dress


Pony Streamers

Bow Holders

Lots and Lots of Hair Bows

Bottle Cap, Scrabble and Glass Tile Necklaces

Binky Holders


My Sign

Skull Princess Set

Bumble Bee Set

The Vana's, Crala and Myself


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