Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Homemade Christmas Gift

I worked on a few projects this weekend, mainly spray painting stuff, this plate, and of course laundry? What? Laundry isn't a project in your house? Oh lucky you. It's my weekend project every weekend.

Anyway back to the project you're here for, I have seen these beautiful monogrammed plates in magazines, catologs, even boutiques but never seen it in my house becasue the price tag that comes with them isn't as pretty as the plates. Then I was browsing through some of my favorite crafting blogs and Beth at The Stories of A to Z posted the very plates I had seen in a DIYP post. I knew this would be great to make for gifts for teachers, neighbors, co workers, etc. 

Cost for the whole thing was less than $20 and I made 10, so that's $2 a gift, not too shabby!
Many are probably like me and look to do a few homemade type Christmas gifts every year to compliment the store bought ones.  My reasons are many.
1.  I love doing crafts
2.  It is cost effective
3.  I like putting extra thought and effort into a gift
4.  It usually builds memories with those I do them for
5.  It usually results in a funny story with the one I'm crafting with.

I bought chargers from Hobby Lobby, gathered various Christmas stickers and rub on's and printed out each person's last name initial. 
Note: Do not opt for the fancy font, it takes FOREVER to cut it out, go for the more simple font.  If my mom is reading this she's probably saying "How the heck do you know it takes forever? I'm the one that cut them all out"?  Yes that's true but I had to sit there and watch her do it and it took forever watching her do that.

Next just modge podged the cut out initials to the plate then modge podged the stickers of choice.  I tried to match stickers to personalities or home decor colors or fav Christmas themes.  Once it was dry I modge podged the whole thing, waited for that to dry then outlined each inital with glitter glue. 
Needless to say these were a huge hit and everyone had a fit over their plate.  Have fun making one for your loved ones.

Show Me if you make some for yourself.

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