Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Shower Fun

Showers are such a memorable and joyous time, whether it's for a mom to be for the first time or 10th time, or it's for that blushing bride.  It's a time to celebrate and congradulate, a time to make memories and share laughter. 
I've had the wonderful opportunity to host and throw many showers and parties over the years.  I love the details and planning and putting it all together.  I'm small town so the end result isn't what you'd call professional or Extravagant but it's sweet and special for that special lady.

As much as I love to do the planning and putting it all together, I must admit, having one done for me takes the cake.  I just got to show up and receive and enjoy, no work at all.  I am so blessed to have wonderful ladies in my life that planned a sweet and special shower of my very own.

This is me with my wonderful hostess ladies. BTW I'm 8 month's pregnant here.

This is the yummy foods they served

AWWWW the wonderful chocolate fountain, I spent most of my time here at this table.

This is the wondeful tables of gifts and blessings from all of the wonderful folks in my life.

This is me and my big self wearing a tent for a dress in front of my beautiful diaper cake my Aunt Sissy made me.

My cousin Crala measuring my big ole belly for a game.

Getting some practice time in with my cousin Landrie

Adorable clothes line filled with Casey Marilyn's clothes and bibs

One of my favorite gifts, my aunt Lynda made this bear for me for Casey Marilyn but what's so special is it's made out of my baby blanket. Now when I say baby blanket I mean the blanket that I finally stopped sleeping with when I went off to college so you can imagine the shape it was in. Now it sits in the monkey's crib and it's precious.

Next is my shower in Dallas which was at my house and more intimate with my church friends and co workers and some family.

This is the gift table and set up

This is my mom and my ever growing belly by none other than the food tabe.

Some of the precious outfits I received

Hope you enjoyed looking at pics of my shower and maybe you'll pull some sweet and easy ideas to do for someone you know.

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