Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flying Bats Craft For Kids

So as a working mom I struggle with finding time in the envenings to spend "play" time with Monkey.  Usually when we get home, I start on supper and Poppa plays with her.  Then we eat, he cleans up, and it's bath, bed time routine, and then bed.  Do you see what is missing from this routine?  Yep, me playing with her.  So I'm trying to make more crock pot type meals or meals I can throw in the oven so that while supper is "cooking" I can play.  Last night I threw supper in the oven and then she and I sat down at the craft table and made these fun Flying Bats together then went outside and had Bat Races.  It was what we both needed.

Now you and your child can make these adorable Halloween creatures and have your own Bat Races. 
Supplies Needed:
Black Construction Paper
Wiggly Eyes
Glue or Modge Podge
Bat Template

Step 1:
Cut Out Your Template
Step 2:
Fold you black paper and lay your template down and cut out.
Step 3:
Unfold your bat cutout and glue wiggly eyes on.
Step 4:
Cut a piece of paper to fit around your child's finger and glue the ends together to make a ring.
Step 5:
Glue the ring to the back of the bat.
Step 6:
Once the glue is dry enjoy flying your bats around.  The wings really do flap up and down to mimic the flying motion. 

Monkey wanted to race them down her slide. 

She was entertained, stimulated, and exhausted by the time we were done!  I'd say this craft was a success.

Happy Halloween Ya'll.

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