Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Kitchen Lover's New BFF!

Have you seen this amazing little baby?!  I am so excited about The Bag Holder and how it is going to change my life and time spent in the kitchen! 

If you have learned anything about me by reading my blog, you've learned that I LOVE to make memories with my Monkey.  It's my passion and motivation in doing most things.  So when I was told that The Bag Holder will not only help me make memories with my child in the kitchen but that it would also do it without the mess, I was pretty much sold right then and there.  However, it does so much more for us kitchen lovers.

With the help from her mom Carol, Kara, a mom herself of 2 and a Breast Cancer Fighter and Survivor began her adventure of bringing to us The Bag Holder. 

Let me give you the low down of what all this little baby can and will do for you:

  • Minimize the steps it takes to put together meals
  • Easily transfer food in plastic storage bags and minimize clean up
  • Create with your Kids in the Kitchen and enjoy making meals with your family
  • Assemble freezer meals for OAMC (Once A Month Cooking) in half the time
  • Take camping and boating to make meal prep and clean up a breeze
  • Make hundreds of recipes, including cakes, cookies and piping desserts
  • Marinate meat and eliminate contamination of raw meats on counters
  • Minimize the space needed for food storage by using bags not plastic containers
  • Reheat leftovers effortlessly in the Bag Holder
  • Wash, reuse and recycle the bags using The Bag Holder
  • Where ever you need a bowl replace it with The Bag Holder
  • Store leftovers easily and mess free
  • Breakdown bulk items with no more messy counters and contaminate free
  • Save on your monthly electric and water bills by using fewer dishes and less water
  • Buy and prepare meals in bulk to cut grocery costs
So how does it work?
The Bag Holder is like having a personal assistant in the kitchen.  It works by holding your gallon sized storage bags open so you can easily assemble or pour your ingredients hands free and build your meals quickly with little to no clean up.

Change the way you’ve been making meals with The Bag Holder!

I love how their site has Kid friendly recipes that you and your child can make together, videos showing you all about it, and Cooking 101 with all kinds of tips, notes, and fun!

You can Buy yours nowfor $19.95 which comes with 20 recipes and a DVD and shipping will begin on April 15th but you also have a chance to win one.
They are giving 3 away so check out how you could win HERE.

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