Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Homemade Valentine Idea

This is what we did last year, I thought I'd share it again since so many of you are newer followers.  I will show you tomorrow what we are sending out this year! 

I love all holidays! I love the parties, the candy, the fun in the atmosphere that surrounds most holiday dates. Valentine's is a favorite of mine, especially now that I have a child of my own. I really enjoy making special cupcakes and putting together goody bags for the kids in her class. AND I really love making Valentine's Day cards. Here's a fun little project you can do with your child to build memories and get that Awww factor when he or she delivers them.

Supplies Needed:

Cute Child
Exacto Knife
Step 1:
Have your cute child stand with their arm extended out to the side and hand making a light fist (like they were handing you a flower), take several pictures so ensure you get one you can use.

Step 2:
Upload your picture to your computer and edit the picture to say "I'm Just A Sucker For A Valentine Like You" Love... Your Child's Name

Don't Worry, if you don't have a photo editing program you can upload your picture to Shutterfly, Walmart or any other photo service site and edit it there, then you can have them print them up for you.

Step 3:
Print your photos and cut a slit with an exacto knife at the top of the child's hand and at the bottom of the hand. ON THE PICTURE, NOT ON THE CHILD :)

Step 4:
Slide your sucker into where the slits are and tape on the back to hold the sucker in place.

You can hand them out like this or place them in a cute decorated envelope.

Have fun handing out these special Valentine's this year and making a fun memory with your little cupid!

This week I'll be bringing you other fun Valentine ideas I've found around the blog world.  Next Monday's All About You Link Up Party will be Valentine Inspired so start working on those projects.

Happy Tuesday Ya'll
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