Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homemade Valentine Idea #2

Yesterday I showed you the valentine that we did last year HERE.  This year I wanted to do something as easy but still with the cute factor.  Monkey is still young enough where I like to include pictures of her for family and friends.  If she was a bit older I'd opt to do something similar to the chocolate bars made to look like iPods.  But for now family prefers to see pictures verses getting lots of candy.  So their wish is my command. 

I am in no way a photographer so please bare with my pictures. 

I am sending out 2 cards this year.  My original idea and something that came up after I uploaded the pictures. 

First Card.
Kisses 25 Cents

I dressed Monkey up in her pettiskirt, pettipants and flower shirt with matching flower hair clip, all that I sell in my store.  I bribed and begged asked Monkey to blow kisses and I just snapped away. 
I uploaded and did a little editing and added text to the picture.
Kisses From Monkey Just 25 Cents - Happy Valentine's Day!

Then I got Hershey Kisses and bagged up a few in some cute bags, stapled it with some pink paper and taped the picture on top.  Easy Peasy.  I wanted to use a printable for labels but with the snow storms, work, and orders well I didn't have the time but HERE are some you could use that are so cute made by Trillustrations.
The 2nd Card I used is You Have My Heart.
Monkey had her hand over her heart in one of the pictures and I loved how it looked so I did a little editing, added the Text
You Have My Heart Valentine

Instead of kisses I used various heart shaped candy for the bags. 

So there's 2 ideas for you to do with your child for Valentine's.  What are doing for cards this year?

Happy Hump Day Ya'll.
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