Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Child Will Be?

Sometimes when watching my child do various daily activities I will find myself day dreaming of what she may be when she grows up. I do this so often that it's lead to me to watch how other children behave or respond to situations and coming up with what I think they will be and so here's a list that will help you figure you what your child will be when they grow up. (Please note this is for humor purposes and not intended to actually use as a guide for determining what school to send your kids to. :) )
If your child has a habit of drawing on your walls with markers and crayons or pens and well anything that will leave a mark, don't punish them, embrace their passion for they may be the next Picasso.

If your child has the habit of jumping all over your new furniture with their shoes on regardless of how many times you tell them to stop, don't threaten another time out, instead envision them as CEO of a top company climbing themselves to the very top, stepping all over who they need to in order to get there.

If your child has the habit of whining to get what they want, don't be alarmed or frustrated. Instead encourage them to practice that whining and one day they could whine their way into receiving the final rose on The Bachelor in 2020.

If your child has the habit of yelling at you or others to get his way, well don't go all postal on them quite yet, instead realize they are just practicing for becoming a parent themselves. I kid, they are practicing becoming a lawyer. Can't you just hear your little one yelling "OBJECTION!"

If your child has the habit of speaking for others, although this can be quite annoying, have good faith that it could mean your little one is on his or her way to being the next Nancy Grace. Ok, maybe you want to stop that little habit now before that happens. :)

If your child has the habit of constantly finding your cookie stash, well first you need to find a better hiding spot and 2nd of all take pride in knowing your child could be the next David Caruso or Gil Grissom.  Another words a detective solving crimes, and if you ask me someone constantly getting into my cookie stash is a HUGE CRIME! :)

If your child has the habit of taking too much, not sharing, and complaining he didn't get any or enough then well maybe he has a tape worm?  But if not then I'm thinking he has a future job in politics or just working for Big Brother all together.

If your child has the habit of walking into the house and dropping their coats, shoes, back packs, toys etc or just leaving a trail of these items from here to Tin Buck Two then have no fear, your child is going to make a great husband some day!

If your child avoids admitting the truth to you by asking questions or perhaps by changing the subject all together then you are winner winner chicken dinner, your child will grow up to become the next President of the United States. :)

If your child is constantly telling the dog (or younger siblings) "NO MAM, do you want a time OUT!?" then congratulations your child is practicing becoming you or in this case me, a MOM with a child who kind of likes to do things her way. :)

So the next time you've had it with your misbehaving children or just fed up with it all, stop and look at what their habits are and ask yourself, HMM, I wonder if this means my child is the next George Washington.  And then ask yourself, Did Washington's mom ever put him in time out? 

Happy Tuesday Ya'll.
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