Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Friday for her school party I decided monkey would go as snow white.  I was very pleased with how the costume came out.  I saw a few snow white's around town and at the festival on Saturday and was so glad I made her's instead of store bought. 

To Make This Costume:
I dyed a white onesie blue,
Added flowers and beaded trim,
Make the tutu skirt and bow and
Add ribbon to her cape. 
The school party was fun, they danced around, played games, and ate lots of fruit and veggies and cupcakes.  We don't give monkey cookies, cakes, juice, stuff like that so as they served her some, she reached for the fruit and veggies.  That's my girl. 
Enjoy the pics. 
Her snow white costume

Snow white being tempted to eat the apple. :)

Sorry about the poor quality of pics, they were taken with my phone.

As a Family Poppa and I were outlaws and Monkey was the Princess Sheriff.

 We had lots of fun, what did you dress up as?
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