Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Tips For On The Go Moms

Can you believe how fast summer is flying by?  When you're constantly on the go, that's what happens.... time flies!
We spend a lot of our summer doing day trips, visiting family, play dates, catching up on dr and dentist visits, and the dreaded running errands. 
My toddler isn't in sports and extra activities yet but I know many that are running to VBS, ball games, practices, lessons, and more so I know I'm not the only one running the roads these days.

AND, when I'm on the go a lot, I tend to get unorganized, stay tired, spend more money, and stay stressed.  And let's face it, a tired, stressed out momma with no shoe shopping money is not a pretty picture. 

So I've got 10 tips making both mine and your life easier and more efficient while on the go!

1.  I have Monkey's bag always ready by her door with wipes, a bottled water, book, game, and sunglasses for when we will be in the car a bit.  So when I'm running out the door I don't have to stop and pack it up, I've already made it a habit to keep it packed and ready.

2.  I keep baggies of fruit and raw veggies in the fridge.  I like to cut them out and we can grab a few and have healthy snacks on the go AND I'm not spending more money by stopping at the gas station or running through the drive through.

3.  I set my iphone calendar to go off with appointments that not only tells me what I'm going to but I include the address and phone number so I just click on the address and my google maps pulls it up and give me directions from my location.

4.  Be Gumby!  You know the flexible green guy.  Yes be flexible, if things need to change in the middle of what you have planned, just go with it.  Try not to sweat it and know that having a schedule is great, but sometimes getting off schedule can be a fun adventure!

5.  MAKE A LIST!!  If I'm out running errands I have a list of the places I'm going and the things I'm picking up.  This helps me from over spending and getting home and realizing I forgot something. 

6.  Combine errands for when I'm going to be out and about.  I don't want to have to get out of the house and in the heat everyday so if we have an appointment or play date scheduled, I go ahead and schedule my errands around those.  This saves me time and gas money!

7.  On days I'm going to be on the go I make sure to get up as early as possible.  One reason is to make sure I've got everything ready to go, but more importantly so that I can spend some quality quite time before my day gets loud and hectic.

8.  DON'T over schedule.  Between birthday parties, play dates, activities, family visits, you can quickly find yourself forgetting what your husband or house looks like.  It's ok to say no to an invite and try again another time.

9.  Prepare Ready Made Meals.  Take one day of the week and put together a few ready made meals that can be frozen and then just popped in the oven so when you get home from a long day of on the go, supper is practically ready.  Some of my favs are Lasagna, Baked Spaghetti, King Ranch Chicken, and Enchilladas. 

10. COFFEE!! All the running around tends to keep me tired so a little pick up of Seattle's Canned Iced Latte always does the trick to keep me going when my body is wanting to shut down. I like to have a little cooler in the Jeep and pull one out if I'm waiting in the Dr's office or out at a park play date. Keeps me refreshed and alert!

So what do you do to make your life easier on the go?  I hope this list helps you out, I know I'm going to take my own advise and use these tips and put more time, money, and energy in my pocket!!!!
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