Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday's Tutorial - Tutu Leggings

Some of you may have seen my Guest Post with Michelle at Someday Crafts.  I enjoyed so much guest blogging there and am so thankful to the new followers I gained from her.  For those whe didn't see it, I wanted to show you how to make these adorable TuTu Leggings, so here you go.

I know we've all seen the Baby Warmer Leggings, and the fun girl Tutus everywhere like my monkey has on here.
But what would be more fun than to have both of these all wrapped up into one adorable accessory, so began my Tutu Leggings.

This project is quite easy and I'd rate it on the beginners level.  You don't need a sewing machine for this so  in my book  that makes it a plus!
First thing is gather your supplies, you will need:
Women's Knee High Socks
Tulle in colors of your choice
Measuring Tape
Elastic (the thinnest you can find)
Needle and Thread

Step 1
Cut your socks right above the heel, (for taller girls you may want to use the toe portion that you just cut off to extend the length of the leggings, otherwise, put the toe portion away, we won't be needing it)

Now if you've ever made the baby leg warmers then you probably have had to finish the new ends, this is why this project is so simple, you dont need to finish the ends unless you want to because once you add the tutu the raw edges won't be shown. 
Step 2 Cut your tulle into 6 x 3 inch strips (6 inches long and 3 inches wide)
Step 3 Measure your adorable little monkey's ankle
Step 4 Cut your elastic one inch shorter than what her ankle measurement was.
Step 5 Stitch your elastic together to form a circle
(Read pictures Left to Right)

Step 6 I used a roll of tulle but a glass or candle or anything in cylinder shape will work, place your elastic over the roll of tulle
Step 7 Gather 2 pieces of tulle and enterlock using a chain link
Step 8 Begin tying your tulle around your elastic using a square knot, (make sure that the chain link is on the back of the elastic)
Step 9 Continue this process all the way around until your elastic is covered and full.

Step 10 Once your little tutu is complete cut the tulle to your desired length, I wanted short and poofy so I cut it to about 1 inch in lenth.
Step 11 Place the tutu around the unfinshed end of your legging and hold in place with one hand.

Step 12 Begin hand stitching the tutu to the legging all the way around and tie off the thread.

Repeat all the steps for your other legging and then step back and admire your adorable little monkey tutu legs.
Then put them on the nearest precious monkey you can find and watch her dance around in delight. 

These look great with skirts or even tutus.

Have fun and can't wait to see how you do yours.  That's it, easy peasy and oh so cute!  If you make some, please send me pics so I can showcase you, and if you use this tutorial, please link back to it.  Thanks so much.

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