Friday, October 16, 2009

Texas Monkey Boutique

There are so many moms out there that are so talented and putting that talent into a business.  I'm giving it a go myself.  I've got a long way to go but I've also come a long way so I'm thankful and happy where this little adventure is taking me.
What do I do?  What is my business?  I'm glad you asked.  It's Texas Monkey Boutique of course where you can find the perfect hair accessory, tutu, tutu dress, flip flops, wands, bow holders, and more to help Glamorize, Mesmorize, and Accessorize your own little monkey.
Why the name Texas Monkey?  Well my baby girl was my inspiration in this boutique.  I wanted quality customized bows for her every outfit but didn't want to pay the boutique prices.  So I started making them for her and when someone offered to buy one off her head I knew it was time to make a go at this.  We live in Texas, duh, born and raised, Go Cowboys, Hook Em Horns, Dang it's HAWTT outside, :) and she would crawl up my chest like a monkey when she was hungry and the nick name stuck and the name for my store was born.
Right now my items are online, in 2 brick and mortar stores, and showcased in 3 photography studios.  I do wholesale, custom ordered, and in December I'm doing my 1st craft market.
Enjoy the pictures of some of my "creations" and if you're visiting from Kelly's blog and place an order you will receive 15% off AND free shipping as well as a FREE small bow with ANY purchase.  This special will last through next Friday, the 23rd.  Enter Blog Party for coupon code at check out.
Do you have a blog and want to do a giveaway?  Contact me now and I will donate a tutu and bow set to the 1st responder. 
Hope you enjoy visiting Texas Monkey Boutique.
                                           Need a flower girl dress for a wedding?  We do those.

Ultimate Pink and White Bow

Various Sports Bows

Birthday Party Sets

Any Holiday or Occassion

Tutu Dresses are so POPULAR

Match your team's colors with flip flops

Customized Bow Holders to match any room

All kinds of Halloween Bows

Merry Christmas Tutus

Little girls need Bows

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